nov 4th 2021 Coding and Crotches

As of nov 4th I had spent most of my time working for Raven PMG a production company out of New Orleans, we put together the scenery for Astroworld in Houston. I am very much enjoying the hard work, 12 hour days go by fast because I like putting things together and staying busy. I find that I like using my hands and I like working with a team in this kind of environment, even if I am the only woman, one of the youngest ones and very inexperienced.

I just got an acceptance letter from a residency in Berlin (Glogaur AIR).

Personal Artwork: Waiting on the actor x to be done. have reached out to a couple filmmakers with cameras. Ready to film on my Canon if necessary.

Sold expressionist painting and another smaller yellow expressive piece to a friend of Gabriel Sandler, who was in town (I feel that I may have botched his visit a little due to prioritising other things).

NMP: Artists taking forever. Deadline of Dec 1st is goin to be a stretch.

Programming to make a rudimentary paint app in processing.



fill(50 , 50, 255);

//left eye

ellipse(300, 400, 75, 50);
fill(21, 229, 165);
ellipse(300, 400, 40, 40);
ellipse(300, 400, 20, 20);

//right eye
ellipse(500, 400, 75, 50);
fill(21, 229, 165);
ellipse(500, 400, 40, 40);

ellipse(500, 400, 20, 20);

line(400, 400, 450, 500);
line(400, 500, 450, 500);

bezier(300, 550, 300, 650, 500, 650, 500, 550);

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