Aftermath 2021-2022

Aftermath is a multimedia collaborative project focused on investigating the experiences of perpetrators and survivors of sexual assault. Over 25 individuals have given intimate accounts of how sexual assault has altered their lives, and how they deal with the aftermath of rape from both the standpoint of victim and assailant. Aftermath is unique in that it looks at rape as a phenomena experienced by both parties.

Throughout 2021 I have explored the motives and behaviours of people living post-rape, having found that whilst accounts of victim-hood are incredibly common, the space to speak about perpetration was woefully absent. I believe both parties can benefit from understanding the feelings and motives of those who are victims and perpetrators.

“Some things can’t be healed and denied at the same time. Something kept in the darkness is just going to continue to become mouldier and mouldier.”

-perpetrator of rape, anonymous.

“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But y’know it does kill you. You have to resuscitate yourself.” -victim of rape, anonymous.

-victim of rape, anonymous.

If you or someone you know would be willing to take part in this project, please contact me.