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Blog Dec 3 Bohemia and Academia

An arts in context lecture I listened to the other day talked about the link between early romanticism and the development of a particularly popular notion of what art is and what artists should be: bohemian. Art for arts sake, not as a profession but for itself is the aim of the art and artist […]

Blog 30th nov Privacy and Honesty

Artists I am interested in: Mark Farid (CSM teacher and artist) digitally based. I listened to his Monday night guest lecture whilst sweeping the warehouse at Raven Production Management Group. His decision to make his personal online footprint available to everyone was to me an exercise in boundary pushing, privacy removal and social experimentation. […]

Nov 26th Blog History and Germany

Who I like this week: Lucy McKenzie : Extremely impressive work on counter narrative using architectural and design based practice, very similar to CSM’s aims. I appreciated her rejection of a commission for a museum that won’t show the work. It actually inspired me to submit a design for a mural that I would have […]

Nov 6th 2021 Productivity and Speed

Travis scotts festival. 8 dead. Producers at RAVEN PMG always think about the next thing and the next thing. Characters and different skills build a team to success. if you don’t do things yourself however, it might not happen. Multiple balls in motion and creativity on side. My project: Design for each actor. My spoken […]


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