Exhibit 2019 (How are we?)

A series of painted works investigating living and life in 2019. Most can be found on show in the London Fruit and Wool Exchange (1-10 Brushfield St, Poplar, London E1 6EN) in a solo show as winner of the Ashurst Emerging Artist prize. The Piece ‘Theo’s plastic Beach’ won the overall prize and the pieces are currently available for sale (please contact for inquiries).

Portraits are often reflections on the past, yet this painting is set in the near future, portraying the joy of a nameless figure in the year 2064 as she reads news in Mandarin and English that the world has in fact been ‘fixed’. It captures a fictional moment in time, encouraging the viewer to engage with the active and imaginitive task of envisioning the future. 

The portrait is of an unknown middle aged woman, invisible in the workforce and power systems of many countries today, yet celebrated and smiling in this piece. It is through the efforts of those like her, and as perhaps indicated by the greenery around the figure, agricultural shifts in behaviour, that the planet may avert complete ecological breakdown.

This portrait suggests what is rarely suggested, that the future can still be bright.