Louisiana in Monochrome

Painted during 2021 from photos shot in Louisiana, these Acrylic panel pieces at size 11 x 8” form a unique narrative about the southern state. Painted in black and white, the scenes depicted were those witnessed by the artist over a three year time span. The content ranges from the inside of a fish processing warehouse to the natural landscape of Northern Louisiana, to an under the bridge punk performance, to portraits of locals and a man who died in the street near the artists house. The use of monochrome highlights the connectivity between natural and human, between subject and context, perspective and focus. Each painting tells a story about Louisiana from a different angle, linking the shifting contexts produce a holistic view of life in Louisiana.

Fish warehouse
The property
Cassies mom
Moose’s boat on lake Charles
Time to go home
Death on Desire St
Under the bridge
Mika’s room