Art can tell you about yourself and it can tell you nothing at all. It is bought and sold and oversold in markets and auction houses across the globe, stored in underground cellars, airport containment units, places of worship, galleries and occasionally on the walls of its owners. It is priced based on the economic and salacious whims of bodies of power and wealth owners of the world, and is judged based on the arbitrary interests of its viewers and the names scrawled on its bottom corners. It permeates your home, clothing and belief systems. It exists between spaces both real and imaginary, fictitious and transfixing. It removes you from your own senses and allows the adoption of new schema. Art is a product of the mind, a mirage of what we deem to be the world behind the creation. It is essential, and yet by its decorative, ephemeral nature, bewilderingly unnecessary for day to day life. 

Peters is an artist based in New Orleans, USA and raised in the south of England. Their work stems from an empirical understanding of the world coupled with a highly emotional response to it, exploring gender, conflict and the subconscious through a variety of media. She/they are inspired by the continuing battle humans face as animals, our comprehension of life continuously oscillating between logic and sensuality, physicality and thought. Sophie graduated with a first class BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences in 2019 and has a long term interest in science and technology, learning to paint with the encouragement of her mother who would frequently take them to see art shows in London. Peters spent one year at Loyola, New Orleans, during which she began to explore the world as both a scientist and creative and began creating artworks in and about the city. Most of their work attempts to understand aspects of human nature that are overlooked or under-spoken, estrogen overdoses, neighborhood shootings, female violence; they believe that the shameful, painful aspects of human nature can perhaps, through acknowledgement, become improved.

Peters was the winner of The Ashurst Emerging Artist prize (2019) and the CHBH (Centre for Human Brain Health) artwork competition (2019) and was also highly commended by the Visual Art Open award (2020). She has shown works internationally in Lisbon, New Orleans, Birmingham (UK) and Central London.