I am interested in colour, queerness, sexuality and agression. My recent work has focused particularly on sexual violence but I also draw from my undergraduate degree in biological science (particularly cells, and neurology) and from my own philosophy inspired by the natural world.

I graduated from the University of Birmingham (UK) with a first-class BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a major in Biological Science and minors in philosophy/politics and art history. I then spent years making art without a degree, but I did learn a lot about art from my mother who took me to galleries as a kid and would leave me alone to copy something with a little pen and some paper and from talented people I got the chance to quiz on their work. I am now nearing the end of an online masters of Fine Art from the University of the Arts London (online), and have discovered through this process an increased self-awareness that, far from making me feel more artistically qualified, has further convinced me that everyone is creative at heart and that degrees have merit, but not beyond that of what the artist herself can produce. As part of my undergrad, I moved to New Orleans and quickly discovered that art could be a way of life for a community. My work began to look outwards as well as inwards. I often visit family back in the UK and Europe, but have been unable to leave the states due to finding ever more strange and interesting people to talk to here (plus no one will hire me). I currently live in NYC.

Peters was the winner of The Ashurst Emerging Artist prize (2019) and the CHBH (Centre for Human Brain Health) artwork competition (2019) and was also highly commended by the Visual Art Open award (2020), the RAD prize (2022) and the Parse Student Juried Competition (2018). She is a dual US/UK citizen, and completed her first artist residency (at GlogauAIR in Berlin, DE) in 2022. She has so far shown work in Berlin, Lisbon, London and New Orleans.

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