Sophie is shortlisted for the Ashurst Emerging artist award (2019), was the winner of the CHBH (Centre for Human Brain Health) artwork competition (2018), Part of the Fifth Annual Southeast Louisiana Juried Student Exhibition (2018) and Highly Commended for the under 18 Artprize award (2015). Her artwork has been published in Entropy Magazine, a book of street art by Kady Perry (2019), and The Boston Accent and Cotton Xenomorph poetry journals (2018).

Peters draws inspiration from surrealism, absurd-ism and science to investigate identity, environmentalism and gender binaries. Their artwork explores use of empirical as well as sensual understandings of the world to create a contrast between the rational and emotive, the logical and the nonsensical.

Through use of paint and mixed media, Sophie explores disruptive post-structuralist concepts and is currently investigating the communication of empirical information through creative mediums. She was born in MN USA, 1996 and grew up in England. 


Book by Kady Perry: https://fundrazr.com/NewOrleansStreetArtBook?ref=ab_8nz6QhSitaY8nz6QhSitaY

Society 19: https://www.society19.com/uk/new-young-artists-you-need-to-check-out-on-instagram/





About Sophie’s Art:

“Colour, texture, the human body is morphed and taken out of context.”

“Finer Egon Schiele, experimental paintings. Lots of colour. Peters plays with images you feel you know already, but plays with your perspectives of them. Her work is the result of someone painting with a rich imagination. And that it usually shows a form of decay.” 

“Bio-morphic surrealism with hyperrealist inclusions”

“I see a lot of femininity in Sophie’s work. Women’s or men’s bodies juxtaposed through incredibly bold and bright abstraction that varies from more balanced/geometric values to more of a subjective and spontaneous style.”

“She seems to go for a rough approach with her strokes, especially when illustrating some form of natural beauty. For me, this portrays how although in life things may look wrong or messy, there remains a perfection to any form…”