Throughout 2021 and 2022, (in the wake of #metoo and run up to roe v wade overturning in the USA), I collected 27 anonymous interviews on the topic of sexual assault from perpetrators and survivors. The interview recordings formed the bases of an artwork that behaves as audio, films, images and texts. *TRIGGER WARNING SA*

The project began in response to the rape of a close friend of mine by a police officer and the continued silence I observed from male perpetrators of rape about how they actually felt about the issue of consent. I decided to speak to both parties to collect information on what people felt about this divided issue. In so doing, I found a network and community of people who had survived abuse and learned deeper truths about how this form of violence happens. Participants come from every background, class, and age group from the Deep South of the USA, UK and EU.

At its most recent public showing at GlogauAIR Berlin, verbal testimonies (recorded using actors) were played through ‘silent disco’ style headphones, whilst two 9ft x 5ft double sided paintings, 18 painted texts, a video essay and over 50 pages of interview transcripts collected first hand document and explore the nuances of sexual trauma from multiple perspectives. The visual essay can be viewed here and a virtual walkthrough of the show can be seen here.

With thanks to: Xavier Henry, H Ware, Nika Lincoln, Fay Davis, Shauna Thompson, Jasmine Cousins, Amy Trudgeon, Darcey Vallery, John Giardina, Lindsey Giardina, Matheus Francalacci, Nicolas Huskey and to the many anonymous interviewees and online respondents from the UK/USA and Europe.

2022 Public showings at GlogauAIR Berlin:

Studio Walkthrough. Trigger Warning.

Trigger Warning: Audio

Audio 1:

Audio 2:

Audio 3: