Nov 26th Blog History and Germany

Who I like this week:

Lucy McKenzie :

Extremely impressive work on counter narrative using architectural and design based practice, very similar to CSM’s aims. I appreciated her rejection of a commission for a museum that won’t show the work. It actually inspired me to submit a design for a mural that I would have been too nervous to otherwise, I was rejected, and just as Lucy says in the above interview, I was proud of it. I was initially drawn to her work of a table supporting in the works and personal artefacts of famous and renowned pedophiles. Background in music and punk, traveled to Berlin and to Munich. Self respect of an artist, she wears the white coat of her profession.

Other influences :womens hour tory mp describing her experience being slapped by a senior member of the conservative party and disappearance of tennis champion. Red hot chili peppers, wasteman. The mad crush at astroworld, the parallel between it and the way I see humans stepping over one another and abusing drugs.

What I have created this week:

A painting titled ‘blind dreamer’ is nearly finished, as is a black and white acrylic piece of a boat. NY commissions on their way to being done.

The top earning decile earn 7600, next 10% earn 3127, then 1844. 60% earn between 22 and 1845 per month.

Assault project:

First attempt at film editing for this project was rather tricky…but to have something to show at least I can upload this:

Worked with X again to re-record and got Better work but more footage to sift through. Very happy with the result and can definitely do much better.


Also noted that since late 2019 i have filled 10 sketchbooks and painted hundreds of paintings. Extremely proud of this.

What I would like to do/ pipe dreams :

Computer Program:

Three part slider program using RGB sampler to create a unique colour for each user.

Slider 1 = what you feel like you are

Slider 2 = what you biologically are

Slider 3 = what you are attracted to.

(concerned that this is a large learning curb, may have already been created, need to research)

Painting of someone close to me and the details of his opioid/opiate addiction

AI artwork using google images (slut4sound brother type work)

Mural, about the laws of physics, and about drug addiction

The album about the desert with Christian, finish dead horse.


Work was tiring and low paid but I learned new things

1 how to use the CNC wood cutting machine

2 to use the large saw/small saw

3 drove a fork lift

Had thanks giving with christians family

Got photographed by a photographer in my space.

Horrified by victory church’s yearly play about the Columbine high school massacre, and the emphasis on which murdered children go to hell and which don’t.

Need to do (but don’t necessarily want to)

Gift paintings for Christians family, cherishs family, insurance for the car, postage of artworks, client liaison, applications, nmp work, life chores

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