Poole and Parkstone

Art I’ve seen:

Monday night lecture Clair Fontaine fashion show text reads ‘consent’, use of images and reuse, always do something you are not supposed to parataxis.

Watts Gallery Guildford print exhibition.

Was pointed towards the Dart Centre by a journalist called Louise Tickle from Tortoise media, which gives information on how to interview people with trauma. https://dartcenter.org

Film made using still images in the 60s

Art I’ve produced:

Nesting and sequence editing progression:

Went to Poole and filmed 20 minutes of footage, to condense it into just 3 minutes may be tricky. Using sequences and aspect ratios proving to be sticky. Use of video stabiliser and speed/duration to reverse clips of waves with nice effect.

Still footage and in focus/no change of focus is key.

Progress export:

Deception..finished it on the 11th jan 2020 30×40 based on magritte work

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