Blog 28th OCT Loneliness and Tequila

Birthday happened 26th. Planning for a good 25th year.

Got the first script and a potential actor. (Xavier for S script) Very happy that the thought of coming to MA without any work done made me do it faster, and with more intent.

Commissions 95% done. Find shipper to New York (A+ was called, got no response).

Started Working for RAVEN PMG. Probably overworking as usual. Is this a pitfall for me? working becomes a barrier, or a distraction. Mural Project going slow, disappointed in the artist READ who has been slow and not as ‘good’ as I had hoped.

Worked on After Effects, rotoscoping and the power of effects panel. Excited to have a computer that will be able to handle the video editing. Made another large investement and it doesn’t feel bad.

Apply BBA

Apply residencies

Back on antibiotics, much pain.

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