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I am still thinking about Astroworld and the children. The main takeaway I got from working ‘one of the most deadly festivals in US history’ is that the narcissism displayed by travis Scott might be indicative of something much darker happening in America, but it is something for another time, another project perhaps. We are all aware of the evil existing within America, one step at a time. Travis is offering free therapy to those who went to the event.


An old boss of mine is going through it with a divorce, I feel bad for him but also have my reservations about his methods of working, specifically as I think about times he swore at me and times I have been unsure of the line between professional and friendliness, a line that is unclear with him as he used to take me for dinner and drinks and then text me to hang out. Dealing with the artists has been the main struggle with the whole thing, alongside balancing a budget larger than my yearly income with no in person direction from anybody. I am a little ashamed of my work with them, but also impressed that I have done anything for it and that the client donation is happy.

Jonathan Ferrera:

Strong criticism of some of the work on show, particularly the 12k dolphin painting with a man riding it by. The techniques used and the lack of skill with regards to representation drove me a little insane. That being said, I love the Anastasia Pelias paintings, abstraction, simply done based on figures.


Alexandra Brodsky

I was turned onto the writer Alexandra Brodsky via the artist Skylar Fein recently and reading her article led me to buy her book, her opinions on US law regarding sex and sexual violence are very powerful, particularly her interest in civil court cases vs criminal and her belief in smaller/work oriented institutions being more central to real change than law proper. The piece was inspiring and angering. After reading half the book, I stopped and stood in the mirror for a second and for the first time I let myself feel incredibly angry, not in a physical, or verbal sense, like the way you might shout when someone is about to hit you with their car, or dick. I just stood still and let it fill me up. And it felt wonderful and the sun rose up on the eighth floor and I felt at peace as the feeling passed, better, I felt strong, and un-alone thanks to Brodsky. What was incredible was that I had felt at all.

Personal artwork.

Working with X the actor for my first scripted reading of the interviews on the 12th of November was eye opening in many ways, both in terms of technique and social understanding. I learned lots about the filming settings on my camera and about script writing and editing. I have also developed an understanding of lighting techniques. (main, fill, the benefits and issues with using side lighting), camera angles specifically for documentary style filming (foreground props giving sense of intimacy, mouth needs visibility, angle from above for weakness, from below to give figure authority, and of course framing which I already understood from working at WWOZ).

The actor and I spent a good bit of time going over the thoughts and motivations of the character in the script, about my impartiality and impossible lack thereof in the whole process. It was fun to direct but intimidating too. I knew the script, but I could not act it, so it was hard to demonstrate what I wanted done. It was particularly interesting to me to see how the actor interpreted the character in the script, the character moves between coming across compelling and relatable and grotesquely unfair. As he spoke, X was sweating profusely, he hadn’t memorised the words and he was also quite shy, and so reading such an intimate story mad him uncomfortable, and I think it made the words more poignant.

I have been thinking a lot about the value and connotations of being an artist living in more than one location. Is my globe trotting an opportunity for new connections and understandings or am I cutting off old ones just as they might be about to bare fruit? The first year I was in New Orleans I worked more productively than ever, partly because I knew I had limited time, and so perhaps this is a case of constrictions being beneficial. I am also worried that moving about so much is another exercise in self indulgence, and a hatred of the boring, the still. Domesticity, and stillness is extremely hard for me.

Video system ntsc (usa) or pal (uk and europe)

1920×1080 at 25 fps (pal) 

1920×180 at 30 (ntsc)

Audio keep below 12

Flexizone, shutter button press once and it focuses, doesnt change focus until you press it again. 

Manual focus with live or flexifocus is good

Live mode, recognises faces and focuses itself

Quick mode, focuses faster but not flexible while videoing

Picture style in neutral, can select black and white, white balance

See youtube best canon rebel t100 movie settings by camerawize photography

Look straight in the lens

Having objects in foreground creates place and sense of sneaking in.

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