Blog post 30th oct Nudes and Nuggets

Inspiration pieces mood board:

From Nov 18th

Astrida neimanis – bodies of water
karen barad quantum physics and philosophy
Women who run with the wolves

tezos blockchain makes nft


Bit rot

edge land


World Wide Waste book

tinos (greek island)

My boyfriend is blowing up a data centre,

he decided to use polystyrene and diesel,

he made me,

a napalm guerrilla feedback result,

In time the development, the polaroids I took,

in my deep red kicky boots, dreamy

hanging on his hip, the bombs, I stuck my tits out

sandstone sticks, rocks made from polyurethane,

he rocked up and bore down,


My emails were absolved, with my sales sins

second skins, sticky gif thumbs,

His stomach full of bit types, data


He held my head in palms worn as old carts, Christs,

he took my wooden cables, snaked them around us,

he miracle recycled my Juul, he dissolved

the glass turned to sand,

the light turned to oil,

heaven lost its orange and purple, and it vomited to the sea,

The crowd became lines,

the hands spades, stay, unmade

dug, soil shifting in rhythm of an ancient heart,

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