December 13th Germany and America

Art I’ve Seen:

Haus Der Kunst Munich had incredible work on sex, gender, power, Mardi Gras/ carnival across the globe (which is similar to showings happening in the UK at the Tate). Interesting response to pressures from anti racism groups to display more work from non western artists.

Jacolby Scatterwhite worked with dance, text, film, body and design as well as 3D modelling and with other digital platforms to create otherworldly windows into a black male subconscious.

Art I’ve Produced:

Ongoing sound recordings from spaces in germany on my iPhone, exploring texture through sound. Some sketch booking from travel times:


Went to my cousins university and worked in their 3d modelling software/saw their animation work. Played with the software a little, it was a little like cheetah 2d.


The snow and gloom gave us the impression we had landed in an aliens war weapon hanger.

There were Singers in the square at Giesing, Munich. There were vaccine Protestors.

I couldn’t believe you came with me, I couldn’t believe you’d lose your passport the first day,

My aunti shook from the dopamine in her Parkinson’s medication and she made it look like a jive,

I feel like I am boring you,

You feel i am ignoring you,

Im watching it sputter out in the rain, the snow coated the ground and splattered into my hair,

Nutty bread,

Where are all the young folks?

In the young way they took us with them and toki gave me beer, I learned the word for wheel (reifen) and wet (Nass),

The crows made loud brushing sounds in the graveyard,

Yawning and eating cheeses.

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