Dec 24th Surrey and Oxbridge

Art I have seen:

Tate modern Li’s floating creatures. Etherial and marvelous, animalistic technology, extremely beautiful. Terrible faux feminist art exhibit at the Cambridge Fitzwilliam with 4 inconsequential paintings of women by women and 5 of women by men. The tomb and gothic art/architecture of Bavarian crypts and churches.

Art I have produced:

I have three actresses’ ready with scripts for the project, have written out a script from back in Aug.

Script example:

Art I will explore:

mural in guildford. penguins? anti tory?

email actresses: Aimee, jasmine and shauna
paid-nik photos
guildford actors
paid-write for Holly romantics
space cat- for rileys friend
Thirty West design
AI experiment
coding and Nik commission follow up


Linda told me to see a financial/life advisor. Everyone seems to be hoping that I will retrain as a medic or something, that the value of art is too low for living. Maybe they are right. My friends all seem very stable and even the people doing masters seem generally older. But maybe they are wrong, or partly so. Alex said to enjoy life and to do what you love. Christian believes I can do it. I am ashamed of my lack of wealth in comparison to that my boyfriend in America’s family has. Everyday I think of money but I’m leaking it like water in an old boat.

Don't touch my breast,
Have some turkey leg,

Don't make a mess, 
Eat some English cheddar,

Don't leave your shoes there,
Give me a hug,

Don't pull on my hair,
go stroke the cat,
Don't leave your mother,
take a covid test,
Mince pie?

There's comfort rolling,
Over pillows to your head, 
(Chomp Me
Eat Me,
Lemon squeeze Me)
Where the crows feathers brush the dead white snow, 
to the warm space I put my toes, 
The window to the icy night, 
the moon clasps our bodies tight, 

I'm glad I'm not out there, alone
I have a shoulder, it sleeps a heavy stone, 
I kiss it, as your hand it holds the belly, 
the dark itch of lonely death oozes ready, 
(Chomp Me
Eat Me,
Lemon squeeze Me)
Theres your life, its leaving,
It's running its heaving, it barely noticed me. 

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