Woking And Brighton

Art I’ve seen:

Don’t look up (Environmentally conscious film about the end of the world)

Drop Dead Gorgeous (funny mock documentary, following a small town community in Rural Minnesota USA). Considered the documentary style of filming, noting the camera angles, lack of engagement with the camera, breaking of fourth wall.

Art I’ve Produced:

To experiment with film and editing, I produced this film using a rebel t100 and premier pro in approximately 5 hours editing (possibly less). It was interesting to see how segments of footage can reflect memories of physical space. I found the shot of my mother particularly poignant. I plan on making digital sketches.

Found 2 more actors for the cross continental documentary/film about sexual assault. John Giardina and Robert Woodward, also have two German actors interested which is very exciting.

Design work for Elevator stories work board in Ai:

Have enjoyed working with Illustrator, though it is slow going.

Art to work on:

Piece for Holly at Antigravity

Piece for Darcy

Piece for Jules.

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